Game Para Gamers di Android

Do you like to play games on Android? Don’t admit to gamers if you’ve never tried playing these favorite games that we recommend. Because, the following game is not only played by most people, but also has a good review from the players.

In addition, the following games have a very addictive gameplay. Not to mention the graphic animation that is ‘pleasing’ to the eye, increasingly making these games look quality. Curious about our favorite game of choice? Here we give you some of the list.

Point Blank

Point Blank Android - Game Para Gamers di Android

This game was originally very popular on PC. However, with the times, Point Blank also released a version that can be played on Android. And true, Point Blank is much loved and can immediately become one of the favorite games of gamers with good reason.

Point Blank has an interesting gameplay with the action genre in it. Players can make a team of 4 people who will later fight other teams with the same number of players, or 4 vs. 4.

Well, every player is equipped with weaponry. However, if you are a newbie, maybe the weaponry provided is not ‘as godly’ as a veteran player. But take it easy, because every weapon you have can be upgraded with more powerful weapons.
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Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile - Game Para Gamers di Android

If we previously recommended action games, this time we offer the most favorite strategy game, namely Lords Mobile. The concept of playing this game looks very simple, because you only need to create a kingdom, maintain it, and even better if you are able to seize the territory of another kingdom.

Well, to defend let alone to seize the territory of another kingdom, you must have a good strategy by organizing and determining troops. To manage it can be said to be easy difficult, but you can find the best way to organize troops in Lords Mobile by reading the tips.
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Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Android - Game Para Gamers di Android

Are you familiar, dong, with this one game? Yes, Mobile Legends is very worthy of entering into the row of favorite games. From the beginning of the emergence of this game, many have been lured to play it. Until now, Mobile Legends is still one of the prima donna games on the PlayStore.

Mobile Legends itself is a MOBA game with the concept of playing 5 vs. 5, against enemy groups in real opponents. That is, no NPC (Non Player Character) will be your opponent. All the enemies that players face are real MOBA players, and this is the excitement of playing Mobile Legends.

In addition to being interesting with the concept of playing, Mobile Legends is also liked thanks to the many heroes that can be chosen by players. In fact, the heroes in this game are always updated regularly. But, playing this game is not just ‘chastise’, yes. Because, players also need the right strategy in order to outwit the opposing team’s tactics.
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PUBG mobile - Game Para Gamers di Android

No less popular than Mobile Legends, PUBG game is also one of the favorite game choices of gamers today. The concept of playing in PUBG is also no less challenging, really, than Mobile Legends.

In this game all you need to do is survive in order to be a winner. Initially, you will be released in a region with makeshift equipment. To be able to win the game, you need to kill all the other PUBG players and the last one is the winner.
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Garena Free Fire

Game Garena Free Fire - Game Para Gamers di Android

You could say this one game has a concept similar to PUBG. In Free Fire, players will be released in a map, whether it is a forest, rivers, mountains, and more. When released, novice players are only given makeshift weaponry. Well, in order for the weaponry to be more powerful, inevitably the player must steal other weapons from other players.

However, in order to steal it, you have to kill the other players first. If you are able to survive until all free fire players have fallen, then you can come out a winner.
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